Views not to miss in Puerto Rico

As a Puerto Rico native, returning to the island to play tourist never gets old.
The islands “must-do’s” :

            El Viejo San Juan

The colorful streets of Old San Juan is what makes me entertain the idea of returning to stay. The Spanish influence, still evident in architecture . Lots of Leisure and history to enjoy here … but most importantly so insta worthy.


El Castillo San Cristóbal

A large fort built by the Spaniards to give you the perfect view over the ocean. ( not exactly the reason but roll with it)

Shortly after having that picture taken (below) I was seriously reprimanded (in Spanish) by one of the guards for sitting at an open window, so be cautious –Do it though, so worth the view.



La Cueva Venta (Window Cave) : Arecibo, PR

The tour takes you through many caves (spelunking) to reach the large limestone cliff overlooking Rio Grande.

This trip seemed to be all about views. After a full day of zip-lining down mountains in Orocovis ( Toro Verde), we visited Arecibo. The city’s main attraction is “The window to the rest of the world”, as they like to refer to it. A bit dramatic , but once you see the view you kind of just stand and stare (1000 feet above land) in awe (and fear).



Piraguas, a childhood memory.

Piragua ; noun. Shaved ice drowning in tropical flavors of high fructose corn syrup.


El Yunque Rainforest


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