Parisian for the weekend

Concluding 2016 in Paris, France was the highlight of my year. 

Now, as a first-timer in France I wanted to dive into everything French. Escargot, crepes, whatever–sign me up. Playing tourist is my favorite game, especially finding those moments of ” Did you really go to (insert country) , if you didn’t (insert touristy behavior)” .  Shall we?

paris post

Arriving to Paris just 5 days after Christmas, the markets were still up and running. This meant kiosk fresh warm crepes in 30 degrees weather. I was pleasantly surprised to see the busy christmas markets, but fully prepared to get my Nutella crepe if they were closed. Prior to our trip we researched the best creperies in Parreee;

Mad Eo – 19 rue de Picardie, Paris 3rd19 rue de Picardie, Paris 3rd

Krugen – 58 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, Paris 11th

Bretons -56 avenue de la République, Paris 11th

Paris, FR

paris post


As an avid coffee drinker, finding a “petite cafe” is almost a neccesity anywhere I go but the fact that I was in Paris made it important to do so. On nearly every corner and typically the more hidden, the better. There is something so quaint and cozy about their cafes. Little cups of joe made by a french man competing with the crowd’s volume to get your order right. I’d list all the hole in the walls and nooks we visited for coffee, but there isn’t enough space on this page!

My extent of french reached, “serviette s’il vous plaît” (Napkin Please)

paris post

img_8980Classic way to set apart the tourist and the true art aficionados!

Tip: The Louve is closed for all major holidays including New Years Day. img_8981

paris postThe House of Laduree, the very home of Le Macaron. This place is absolutely stunning and victorian inspired. Unfortunatley, you wil always find a queue. If you decide to endure the 45 min wait time, inside you’ll find the luxury baked goods they are known for. Whilst looking over to the Arc de Triomphe, have a cup of coffee with your rose petal or dulce de leche macaron and breathe in Paris.



22 Replies to “Parisian for the weekend”

  1. Wow! The photographs are beautiful. You look beautiful. Paris is beautiful.
    I want to go to Paris right away after reading everything. Enjoy coffee in little cafes and marvel at the architecture. 😍


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