The essential guide to staying healthy on vacay 

Vacay ; noun // A limited duration of binge eating, drinking and sleep deprivation followed by guilt once your  holiday is over.  It does not have to be this way! Let’s talk about this.

1) The Departure Detox

I am a huge on detoxing. It’s extremely beneficial get rid of impurities, give you more energy, regulate your digestion and boost your immunity.

Energy is vital to endure the physical and mental stress that occurs while traveling. Detoxing pre-flight prevents me from chugging red bull in between layovers.  For many reasons travel makes our bowel movements uncomfortable. It helps to decrease your intake of milks, cheeses and red meats which can cause constipation and increase your consumption of fiber and probiotics to prevent the travel stomach. Other than being irregular and exhausted, the crappiest thing that can happen during vacation is getting sick. Half of the cabin air that you breathe in during that 6 hour flight to Los Angeles is recirculated. That moves bacteria and viruses around …oh so efficiently! Keep your immune system working right prior to travel by avoiding junk food and maintaining a clean diet .

p.s. Emergency Vitamin C should be your BFF on your next trip!


2) Hydration on holiday!

For more reasons that I can express, water should be in your hand all day everyday but especially during flight. The average humidity of airplanes is about 4%, at this rate your skin, mouth and all mucosal membranes are dry. To put this into perspective our homes humidity is usually a healthy 30+. Replenishing fluids is essential. No, wines and spirits don’t count as fluids here. Alcohol will only exacerbate dehydration. Save it for the destination!

 3) Habits don’t have time zones.

We often forget that our “at-home” diets keep us at our baseline. If you usually skip breakfast but since you’re in England for vacay you opt for a full English breakfast with extra toast… chances are your body won’t thank you. Stay true to yourself (lol). If you are not a “3 large meals per day” type of girl, like me, then do NOT force yourself! Snacks are never a bad idea and they will keep you from over eating later.

Travel rule #3972: Indulge daily, but have one super clean meal a day while on vacay.

4) Stay active abroad!

Why is it so easy to forego good decisions on holiday? Cardio? Nah. I’ll take carbs and culture, thank you. Packing those nikes will remind you to do a little more than site seeing. There are plenty of ways to get a workout on your schedule. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, buy a gym pass from a near by fitness center. Look up gym passes near your city centre and choose a fitness facility of your choice. During my visit to LA, I was itching to get some cardio in (I get grumpy otherwise). I looked up local spinning classes and found Soul Cycle! Which I am now a huge fan of and signed up for a class in NYC shortly after. What I’m trying to say is, where there is a will there is a way, ladies!

What are some ways you stay healthy on holiday?

44 Replies to “The essential guide to staying healthy on vacay ”

  1. Lovely! We travel full time and one of the things we do to stay healthy is plan something active as a part of the visit. For example, we hit a new city, I always look for hiking trails so we can exercise AND experience the area. I love that you mention that habits don’t have time zones. It’s so true.

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  2. Great tips! I used to let my health slide on vacations but then I would come home feeling crummy so now I try to maintain most of my health habits while traveling.


  3. Ugh – this is so good to remember. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to EAT, and remembering to exercise is not always easy when there is so much to see and do. Thanks for the helpful tips.

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  4. I love this! I travel a lot for work and I always come home exhausted, dehydrated and irregular. I’ve never thought to look into the actual science of why. I am going to be sharing this with my coworker for sure!!


  5. Great tips! I always get super lazy when I go on trips. And it takes forever to restart the routine when I get back home. This is a great way to avoid the fluxuation!


  6. You have some great tips and stats in this post – well done! Always hydrate. I think one of the biggest issues for most people is they get off their workout schedules and diets when they go on vacation, but this is a great reminder to stay on track!

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  7. I would have loved to see this article three weeks ago when I first left for Israel. There is such a huge adjustment when traveling that far from home, because I am used to only going an hour ahead of my home time. I will make sure to remember these tips next time I travel out of the country. Hydration is especially important.

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  8. Wonderful tips, thanks for sharing! I always make sure to bring my workout clothes; I try and stay as active as possible. I’m so glad you included the reminder about hydration, too. I had no idea the plane’s humidity was 4% – WOAH! thanks for a great post:)


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