Colorado: Ultimate Fall Destination 

Five days in the mile high city! This was at the top of my 2016 to-go list.”Fall” in the sunshine state? Cute. The closest thing we get to that is  drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks.

If you’re looking for a fun fall weekend trip, I hope you find this somewhat helpful!

F a l l  in  C o l o r a d o

OTK boots;

The epitome of fall happens in Cherry Creek, CO.  Crisp multi-colored trees and that breeze that’s not too cold but chilly enough to wear your cute infinity scarf.

Did you think I would make it without stopping for a smoothie? Nah. Vitality Bowls in downtown Cherry Creek saved my morning. We were tired of vacation food and needed some liquid gold!

3rd row seats at the Colorado Rapids Soccer Game = perfect Saturday plans.


I suggest you to visit the Union Station Downtown during the day and stay a little longer at evening time. The swankiest (is that a word? ) restaurants surround this train station and the cutest little boutique shops inside. The exterior decorated in bright lights and buzzing convo.

I make it a point to find some time to go for a run, go to the gym or do something active while on holiday. It was pretty easy to find something active to do in COLORADO! Just about every other person has a fit bit and  hunter green hiking shoes. Red Rock Ampitheatre is where we did our oh so excruciatingly fun stadiums. 3 x up and down this concert venue will have you sore for the remainder of your stay! We went on a Sunday morning, but we were not alone! Around 60 other people ran around the place, you’ll see yoga classes, boot camps and a few tourists here and there.


Boulder , Colorado

Just 1 hour away from Denver you’ll find Boulder CO. This stunning city is known for its Flat Iron mountains. We took a gorgeous 1 hour drive up to find Netherland (no, not Holland) but a cute little city with shops and restaurants (plus a few despensaries– if you’re into that sorta thing). Stop by for some hot chocolate in this quaint little town, which I’m pretty sure double as a golden retriever factory (no complaints here!)






Do us all a favor, stop by Snooze, have the best breakfast you will have in a while and take some insta worthy shots by the many decorated walls in DT Denver!


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