The Cabin Chronicles

Christmas was magic this past year. It was as if we were starring in our own hallmark movie, minus the drama and way better food.

Our cabin was on the cusp of Tennessee and North Carolina. During the day we would hang out and hike in North Carolina, but at night when we would return to the cabin, we were actually in Del Rio, TN. You can just imagine the amount of fun we had with that.

When we arrived although it was rather cold, there was no chance of snow. We were still content knowing we have family around and even took a break from social media just to embrace the family around us and the time we won’t have all together for a while in 2018.

Not a creature was stirring… not even a mouse… and on christmas eve, it snowed! Waking up on christmas morning to a white Tennessee was just magic in itself.

I hope you and your loved ones had a very merry christmas and the most wonderful new years! May this 2018 be a year of visual blessings and abundant prosperity for each and every single one of you! Don’t for a second doubt the miracles ahead!


This post is simply a picture book of our time in Christmas land.

(if you’re interested in staying at this cabin shoot me a personal message and I’ll give you all the details!)

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Holiday Captions:

Holiday sigh & sip

Be strong, I whispered to my WiFi.

Snow worries

Where should I park my snowmobile?

Winter Blues

Yesterday: Slay….Today: Sleigh



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