A (foggy) fairytale weekend in Bavaria

The Luxury Closet
We are big on crossing stuff off our bucket list, like we take that list so seriously. So my sweet man gifted me with yet another bucket list checkmark.

Schloss Neuschwanstein.

This one is a tongue twister for me since my german ist nicht so gut.

Of course, on my bucket list I vaguely wrote “Disney lookin’ castle in Europe”. Let me tell you all 3.5 min of looking at the castle I was feeling pretty Cinderella-ish.

What they don’t tell you about winter in Bavaria is the FOG. It followed us around like an avatar, this fog was not cool and it had no intention on leaving us alone. We were able to get some shots of the castle as we arrived but any chance of getting the shot Wory wanted was not happenin’. His dreamy far away shot with the entire scenery was not possible. Whoops, guess we will be back to this fairytale over the summer, what a bother 😏

We found plenty of things to do meanwhile. Cafe hopping and sandwich shopping is one of our biggest strengths so we exercised that.

If you’ve read any other blogpost you’ll know I’m obsessed with quaint little European villages where people know each other’s names and the butcher remembers that you like a skirt steak rather than the strip steak.

Füssen, Bavaria was just that. Roaming around the little town for a weekend was a (foggy) fairytale.

We decided to walk (quickly regretted) up the road to the castle. Well, after many quick (photoshoot) breaks we reached the bridge- Marienbrücke which is known the be the place where you get THE SHOT…… and it was closed.

Note: The Marienbrücke is closed every winter because it’s too “dangerous”. Therefore, save yourself the trouble and make it a spring trip to Bavaria.

To give you an example of how important this bridge here is a photo.

Disclaimer: The photo above does not belong to me. (Although I wish it did)

We said the heck with it, let’s see Schloss Neuschwanstein’s cousin , the Hohenschwangau Castle.

This is like the lesser known vacation home of Bavarian castles. The tour consisted of going through each room of the castle with a tour guide reciting King Ludwig’s entire life room by room, a tad bit of a snooze fest since no photography is allowed. Do we regret it? No, it was neat to see the way they lived back then but do I recommend it? No actually I don’t.

This trip took a sharp turn and it almost resulted in frostbite. (No seriously!) W is such a “let me top that” kind of SO. He wants to take me to the tallest, the longest, the (insert extreme adjective here). So he took me to ‘The top of Germany: Zugspitze’. (55 min away from Füssen)

Not sure where it falls under my “est” suffixes list, but I’m going to give it the COLDEST .ever.

Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in Germany and its’ western summit is smack dab on the border of Austria- Germany.

It’s main attraction is the skiing slopes but you can enjoy so much of the mountain and it’s epic views by just strolling through the vicinity.

The pictures below are not drone shots. (Got a few DMs asking I used a drone for the above shot of the trees) They were shot through the teleferic (cable car) on the way up.

Lessons learned:

1.) Don’t wear knee rips in freezing temperatures.

2.) Fog, wind, hail. Anything is fun with your favorite person.

3.) Castles are for springtime.

If you have any questions let me know! Maybe next spring we’ll return so if you have any spring time tips, shoot me a message!


  1. These pictures look very much like a fairy tale come true! I want to travel the lesser known places in Europe, but I have always loved the idea of seeing this castle too. I’m glad you were able to cross off another thing from your bucket list!


    1. Thanks so much!!! So many beautiful places in Germany but you’re right after the big ones are crossed off, the hidden gems will be next!


  2. I am a frequent traveler so I was really happy to learn about Bavaria. I have never been to Bavaria but I have been to Germany, Czech & Austria. I love the castle and snow and your red jumper, matches perfectly in the picture! We don’t have snow here as I live near equator so seeing snow is a luxury to me.


  3. Talk about a lovely trip, this one in Bavaria is a dream. I love how peaceful the town is and I do like the fact that the people know each other well. I think that castle is stunning. It’s totally worth the visit.


  4. Amazing! Your photos are mesmerizing! I love this fairytale vibe, it’s so romantic. You’ve inspired me, although I’ve been married for almost 15 years, we’ve never had a bucket list, now I think we need one! Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Just the Bridge alone to the looks like an amazing stretch to walk over and look at the site. I know the photos on that Bridge were amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The streets look so dreamy! You and your man make a beautiful couple, and these pictures ♥ you must submit them as stock photos or put em up as wallpapers on your blog for people to download.


    Liked by 1 person

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