Gram Worthy Spots in Madrid

ยกHala Madrid! Did I just lose some of you?Swanky yet subtle, Madrid will give you life.

1.) Metropolis Corner

The iconic building sits on the corner of one of the busiest streets but if you’re lucky, you’ll get 12.8 seconds of no vehicles and there ya have it, photography gold.

Psst.. make sure not to stand directly across the street from the building like most tourist do, you won’t fit it all in your shot.

(Unless your photographer doesn’t mind laying on the ground.)

2.) CaixaForum Madrid

Paseo Del Prado 36, 28014

Like most art galleries the simplistic clean aesthetic decorates each room, which I find very pleasing to the eye (& your feed.) For just 4 euros we were able to see the Andy Warhol exhibit and wow was it worth it. Unfortunately, the exhibit ended April 14th but check back on caixaforumand you’ll get a list of the upcoming exhibits!

3.) Those Spanish Streets

Pick a street, any street! Madrid is mainly cobblestone paradise with multi colored vespas hanging out around town.

Toledo, Spain

BONUS: 45 min drive from Madrid you’ll find a little village called Toledo. It’s a rather religious historical city.

If you’re a history buff then the museums will suit you, but if you’re on holiday for a peaceful cafe con leche in a sweet cafe with ornate Spanish tile then… we should prob be best friends OR Toledo is a town for you.

(Choose wisely)


  1. Ohhh Madrid looks so cool! I am definitely adding it to my travel bucket list! Your pictures are simply fabulous! Love it!


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