Gratitude Journaling

I know, ugh journaling. I recall a period of my life where I had so many 1/4 used journals and wondered how on earth someone finished a journal…let alone 6, variety shaped and filled with Lisa Frank stickers. (90’s baby)

Oh the power of gratitude, how you’ve saved me. You wrapped me up in your arms and whispered, ” Everything is always working out for you.”

The beginning of the rest of my life

I began my little love affair with gratitude almost 2 years ago on July 2017. I had recovered from a beautiful year of little trips throughout the US and at the end of 2016 I had just met a wonderful human, enjoyed the most epic road trip through 5 European countries that summer and was at such a beautiful place in life. Complicated, but beautiful.

I remember rewatching the movie, “The Secret” and this time it was different. I was at such a good place that I realized wow, I should really be more grateful for this life. I began to write.

Its hard to explain the satisfaction that filled my body as I wrote and recalled all the delicious memories I have enjoyed in my – at that time- 23 years of life. The details I put into this gratitude rant were tear jerking. 45 minutes had passed by.  I promised myself I would do this everyday, and I did. THEN things happened.

Changing your current reality

I realized that most people bump into “the power of gratitude” when everything in their life is at a negative shift and that in itself was something for me to be grateful for. I was in a beautiful chunk in my life and here I was writing my heart out, ignoring phone calls, texts, everything around me to thank God/ The universe. Whatever you choose to call it.


I began to dig deep. I dug so deep that I started thanking God for my future. My prosperous, beautiful life in Europe (not yet moved), my relationship, my ability to travel on ideal little trips, etc etc. Guys… everything I thanked the universe for in advance, he delivered. Everything.

When you say, “thank you” to your friend for passing the remote it’s because you already have the remote, right? Same thing here. Trick the system. Start thanking the universe for all your luxuries before they’re in your reality.

So go on, start thanking God for YOUR “perfect” husband, your boat, your vacation home in Monaco. Then, act as if those things are already yours. I know that’s the hard part but go with it. Thanking God in advance for the things you desire creates this energy around you of having more than enough already, you then lose all resistence towards the things you desire…then voila! Your package has arrived, from God.

I realize this is short and informal but if I can help just 1 person realize the power they have in their words, in their writing , in their energy, their vibrations, their gratitude… then my heart is happy.

Happy manifesting

Xx Liz

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