Scarf trends 2019

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It’s cute, its feminine and chic af.ย  The hair/neck scarf trend is here to say. We saw it for a brief period last spring but seems its snuck its’ way to winter this year. Let’s review the best ways to rock the silk scarf.

1. Loosely around your neck.

CAUTION: This can look very tacky if not done correctly.

Make sure to use a LARGE SILK SCARF. (like this one)


2. Tightly around your neck

This is V Olivia Palermo. Simple, elegant and classic af.ย  To achieve this look be sure to use a medium to small scarf.ย 


3. Around your ponytail

This look is super sweet and playful! Best done with a small silk scarf.


4. As a headband / Head wrap

I’m headed to Morocco this spring break and will be rocking the headband look. It’s very boho and disheveled. I think for this look, the star is the SCARF! So, you should focus on bright and luxurious patterns that make a statement! I bought mine in Venice but Amazon sells the same one!!! ( I feel ripped off)


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5. On your top bun

Why does this look contribute to me not wanting to brush my hair? Throw it in a bun and fool everyone into thinking you have your life together by adding a cute little scarf around your top bun. Effortless. I’m into that. I think keeping it one simple with a solid color really ties in the look to be elegant yet young. (This these!! )


Send a link with your looks and I’ll be happy to post them on this post!


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