Chic outfits for July 4th

Yeaaa- yeaaaaa , There’s a party in the USA!

So, the analytics tell me that my readers are (thankfully) women from the ages of 24-34. Nevertheless, I’m a big believer of #bringclassyback. Here are some NON-BASIC outfit ideas.

1. The Denim Jumpsuit

Denim brings the all American vibe.

Denim Jumpsuit

2. The White Trouser

A pair of easy, slouchy trousers bring the effortless yet classy look together. Bring the blue and red in with an oversized dress shirt for the ultimate festive lady look.

3. Play with stripes

No stars, just stripes.

4. The Hamptons Look

How is the laziest look yet the most put together? A loose short, a dress shirt and a lighter sweater allows for a comfortable beach outfit. a super light Cable knit goes a long way!







  1. I love all these options! I really enjoy 4 though. Something that is easy and put together seems like my kind of outfit!


  2. Denim fashion just go out and goes back again huh. Not a fan of stripes so I suggest you guys go with denim better.


  3. The Hamptons looks really chic for me.. Though I live in an Asian country I think this look would really fit in.. 😊


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