How I’ve lost (and maintained) 14 lbs off since moving abroad without trying

** disclaimer: perhaps you don’t know me so I’ll restate a few things I’ve said in previous posts.

14 lbs= 6.3 kg

When I say “without even trying” it’s because I really didn’t focus on my appearance. I was just changing my eating habits and lifestyle to adapt to Study time, school hours, what the grocery store had, what I liked and disliked. It was a period of adapting to change and along the way I realize how much junk food I ate 2 years ago 😂

I feel like that doesn’t sound like a lot of weight but it is when I had to throw away every pair of pants/skirts that I owned two years ago. From a size 5/4 to a size 1/2. Plus, I feel better, like more confident and let’s be honest that’s all that matters.

Since moving from the US I have adopted 3 habits that I think have everything to do with the weight loss.

1. Water consumption

Sounds too easy? It’s not. In Europe they have these huge water bottles, like 2L bottles. I’m sure they are for only at home purposes but I’ve taken full advantage of how easy it is to make sure I get 2-4 L in everyday by just finishing my bottle.

Oh, it gets better. They sell them in 6 packs. So 12 L of water for anywhere from €1 -2.50 which equates to like $2.80.

I remember when I first met W, He would come to the US to visit and I’d say, “Are you going to bring me a big water bottle?” LOL In America our sodas are huge and water bottles are tiny.

Sometimes we assume we are hungry or we have a craving for something awful but perhaps you just need to chill out and drink a tall cold glass of water. Bored? Drink water, skip the snack. This isn’t about going calorie deficient, it’s about nutrient dense foods and less empty calories (which just make you more hungry.)

2. Walk, not run.

I have no car and guess what? I don’t need one. I live walking distance from everywhere I need to go and if something is in the city center, I take the bus.

I walk everywhere! So much so that the days I don’t have to walk, I still do. I clock in 3 miles every. Single. Day. I don’t run because it makes my knees really swollen, no pain but I don’t like the recovery process of running.

I also don’t like to get all “metabolic process” on you as I know my audience and you don’t enjoy a heavy read… BUT… intensity training (running, sprinting) burns carbohydrates (the pasta you ate for lunch) while low intensity training ( walking, light jogging for an extended amount of time) that taps into your fat storage, first. This is actually what Kayla Itsines diet program incorporates, “Liss”.

3. The Mediterranean Diet

I live in a very delicious location, close to the sea on the south east coast of Spain called Costa Blanca. Seafood galore. I take full advantage of that and often eat codfish, oysters, shrimp, seafood soup, or octopus. I miss the seafood with some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and always add a splash of lemon to everything. This area of Spain is known for their oranges and lemons. This along with consuming way more fresh fruit than I’ve ever had in my life is a strong factor in the outcome. The Mediterranean lifestyle is all about the fresh veggies, fruit and seafood. It’s easy to make meals that almost require no effort. I do enjoy my occasional kebab or Puerto Rican meal because I make it at home but for the most part I don’t eat out, I cook.

Well, let’s address the portions in America because they are ridiculous. When you eat out here they give you a perfect portion. I remember going back to the states after living here for a year and Anywhere we would eat I’d have to take a box home. Your body gets used to change pretty quickly.

4. Drinking ☕️ tea

I’m a tea addict. I moved here being a coffee addict but now I drink tea as if my life depended on it.

TOP TEA to consume for weight loss:

1. Rooibos

Not only is it amazing for weight loss but it’s insanely great for cognitive function! It taste like flowers and with a teaspoon of sugar , it’s a perfect breakfast combo (no caffeine). Rooibos has metabolism boosting properties that increase your digestive function. There has been studies with this tea that have proven to promote weight loss in men and women that have plateaued in their weightless journey. It’s no longer impossible for  people above the age of 30 to lose their desired amount.  To get started with your weightless journey using rooibos tea, I strongly suggest to first educate yourself with this video!

Maintaining it off has been easy, I continue to drink like a fish and walk daily. Easy band workouts 2x a week and that’s it. I used to think it required daily visits to the weight room, but that’s not all true. Although, Like ANYTHING… consistency is key and if you want to see improvement you will have to stay committed.

It’s important to stay active, not just for your body but for your mind which is the most important body part. Beauty fades.



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