Why you are attracting what you DON’T want and how to attract what you DO want.

The Luxury Closet

The book, The Secret, have you heard of it? Maybe you’ve heard of the movie? In a nut shell– it’s the first “viral” book that explains that your thoughts become tangible things and situations. Well, that book changed my life. I realize that statement sounds dramatic to most of you, but I mean it.

Upon coming across the book, I ignored it. Then a few months went by and the book kept popping up in front of me. I would see it on ads, I would see YT videos pop up about the book, people around me saying the word ” secret”, I was like wth!! So, I surrendered and read it. Shortly after I saw the film. I was hooked. I recall thinking wow, I’ve thought about things before and shortly after here they are, or have you ever daydreamed about something and then the situation occurs exactly like that??? bc same.

One day I will share all my insane manifestation stories and how I became a FREAKING MASTER at manifesting what I want, but for now let’s help you.

Why you are attracting what you DO NOT want…

Let’s say you are attracting: bad health, crappy friends, bad luck with finding your life long partner… any negative experience. I’m here to tell you it’s 100% your fault but its also 100% normal because they didn’t teach us that in school, right? Or did I miss the class where they teach us our thoughts become things? no? ok.

Example no1: “Ugh, I’m so old, why haven’t I found my partner, why does everyone suck, I’ll never get married, blah blah (insert annoying girly noise here)

Explanation: You are so focused on the ABSENCE of that person that all your mind can do is look for more proof of the absence. See when you think about something your mind tries to either 1. find proof or 2. create it. We want to use the latter to our advantage.

Try this: Be thankful for your partner (I know what you’re going to say, “But I don’t have one”, I know that darling… we are going to fix that now– just trust me) Everyday, wake up and thank God, the universe –whatever you like to call it– for your perfect partner.

Thank you for my perfect, loyal, intelligent, funny, tall, handsome, beautiful, outgoing… (insert all your desired qualities here) partner and for how fun it is to be together. Thank you for how well we mesh! Life is so good with them! Now, feel all of that, make a pretty movie of you dancing in butterfly field with them, I don’t care!! Whatever you have to imagine to feel that all to be true!

I realize I may sound insane, but Oprah does this with everything in her life, so that’s my justification. She’s only the richest and most successful woman on the planet.

After you do that (daily), let it go. Walk away from the thought all together and go about your day and be open and prepared that any day now that EXACT person you described is going to find you (so make sure you look cute!)

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Example no.2: “I hate my job, I barely make any money, I want to spend more time with my family and my new partner (lol), ugh just wish I had a cool job”

Explanation: You’re a brat. You know how many people need a job?? lol It’s a universal law that when you are grateful for something, God will give you more of that “thing.”

Try this: Go to work, smile, and MAKE A DECISION that you are happy with your current job but you KNOW you deserve a better one so in X amount of months you will be quitting to work at your new job!

This has to be a daily sentence, like everything… consistency will get you there.

“Thank you universe for this job! Thank you for cool co-workers, thank you that I enjoy this place! ” and have a bright and fun attitude while at the job you “hate”! You will feel as if you are lying to yourself the first 2 days, but that goes away.

Hurry up, write the answers to these questions down: Where is your new dream job? Who works there? What do you wear to work? What hours are your shift? What do you eat on your lunch break? What do you do after work? How do you get to your dream job everyday?

Make sure that picture is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Imagine it, dream about it, have a mental movie of you getting up for work, going, talking with your new co-workers, etc! You can try and trust me, but you can also stay right where you are and wait until you’re ready to believe in this “woo-hoo” too. It took me years to master changing my beliefs and I wish that I had done all of this in my teenage years, but all in perfect timing. Just work at it, stay consistent. This is the first step to manifesting your dream life.


The Luxury Closet

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