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As I get older I appreciate classic brands rather than trendy ones. I loved the Jackie Kennedy/Audrey Hepburn style and how women admired and adopted not just the class but the (activist) voices these women had. I personally think style has a lot to say about who you are. It’s one of the most obvious things we see before someone opens their mouth to speak. The women I admire have grace, class, and an effortless yet strong vibe about themselves. My mother told my sister and I growing up, “Yo siempre he dicho que una mujer se ve más sexy cuando se viste con clase y deja todo a la imaginación” (A women looks sexiest when she dresses classy and leaves everything to the imagination.” When I was in my teens, I used to think she was so wrong considering what we see on TV in US and the movies but she was right all along. I think dressing modest yet stylish eludes dignity and power… I like having both of those 😉

Here are my modern day muses that have an active IG (Amal Clooney doesn’t have an IG, how chic is that 🤩 lol )

  1. Ramano Filip – IG

Feminine and always chic. 

Cashmere in Love

2. Olivia Palermo – IG

She turns masculine pieces feminine and I’m a big fan of that. (Also, TBT to The City on MTV)

20%, 50%, Up to 70% Off On Dresses, Clothing, Shoes & More!! -

3. Füsun Lindner – IG

She dresses down in such a classy way, but she dresses up in the most EXTRA way and I love that.

Send me your classy style icons!

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