The Ultimate Guide to Timeless Fall Fashion

Eleonora Bonucci

It’s almost that time again. I can smell all you basics itching for your PSL. Everyone calm down. 😂

In less basic news, many things we wear now were invented or made popular hundreds of years ago! We just don’t know it! It’s very seldom that fashion now a days is “cutting edge”. Luckily, a classy wardrobe means you will always remain stylish.

Cashmere in Love

Along with your PSL that doesn’t seem to go out of style, here are 5 timeless pieces you will use well… forever ( if you get some good quality!) These 4 things have been around since before you were born & they are not going anywhere!

1. Trench Coats

This golden piece of fashion dates back to the 1850’s! They were made famous in London. This piece has returned year after year with more bold colors, but the grabbing the classic colors will keep you timeless. This is a piece that is only worn for 4-5 month of the year and then stored in the back of your closet. Even the Zara brand will last you but its best to get it from a higher quality brand to ensure that the same cost you use in your 20’s will last you in your 30’s!

2. Turtlenecks

Warm, cozy and made big during the 1920’s. These usually came in traditional colors: Black, White, Beige. Audrey Hepburn often wore a black one, it was modest and classy yet it showed her thin frame.

3. The Pointed Boot

I’m personally very thankful for the pointed boot. I own it in every necessary color and I never worry about what shoes to wear during winter time. The pointed boot adds height and sophistication. Something about a pointed shoe will always give you a little …. je ne sais quoi. The ideal colors to have are black, white, beige and brown. You won’t go wrong with those 4.


4. Silk Scarves

Ok, I’m obsessed with scarves but I think these are largely ignored during winter. Of course, if you live in an extremely cold area, I’d go for a thick, wool scarf. In autumn I think a silk scarf can elevate ANY look. Doesn’t matter the color but the print should be a baroque print, which was invented in the 17th century and keeps coming back!!!

Let’s stay timeless, ladies.





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