1950’s Fall Fashion

Magee 1866

They say when you get to your midto late-20’s you establish your own style. At this point in life you’ve tried a bunch of styles, from trendy to basic, back to graphic tees and what not. Well, “they” were right. I opt for a classic look and strongly believe the way your dress is a lifestyle. I feel my best and preform my best when I look put together, chic and elegant.

Let me be clear about the 1950’s, there was a rocker/punk/retro/kat Von D vibes fashion and then there was proper/elegant/chic/classy/feminine fashion, so I’m obvi talking about the latter. Their summer styles were chic, but their fall/winter styles were dramatic and exquisite!

Magee 1866

1. Hats

ugh, So simple and they make every outfit 10x better. The pillbox, the lampshade and the effortless headscarf were popular head pieces back then.

2. Cinched Waists

No, not everyone was a size 2 back then but they sure made the illusion to be. The dresses and blazer all had cinched waists and I’m all about looking more hour glass.

3. 4-button blazers

Timeless and oh-so- opulent looking! This style of blazers is one we don’t see often. They were often bold colors like blue and red. This piece with a pair of statement earrings was the epitome to SLAY back then.

Let’s bring the chic 50’s back. Send me your looks, I’d happily add them on here!



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