CC 1: Worya

Magee 1866

Interview 01. Who better to start off a new blog series with than with my compliment, best friend and soon-to-be husband! God blessed me with a total and true gentleman. Worya is a man of class. He exudes confidence and gentle masculinity that is strong and evident but doesn’t smother you but instead, intrigues. Here is our cultivated chatter where we get a little transparent about our relationship, being a gentleman and his bad habits.

 Q: what constitutes a “gentleman” in your words?

A: well there are several rules that make a gentleman. It’s not only the way you dress. A gentleman is kind, helpful, confident, he is a role model and he refrains from scandals. There is several “codes” that make up a gentleman.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about marriage with me?

A: I’m looking forward to having a family with you. I can’t wait to have beautiful kids with you, the woman of my dreams.

Q: What do you think is the most important 3 values in a marriage?

A: Respect, Patience, and selflessness.

Magee 1866

Q: What inspires you to be a greater man?

A: Satisfying you. One of my life goals was to find the right parter. Out of all life challenges, it was always the most important to me. Everyday I wake up and I don’t want to disappoint you, I want you to feel loved through the distance, I want you to feel safe next to me and taken care of. See you happy makes me want to continue.

Q: Is there anything I could do to make you feel more respected?

A: Be a bit more patient. Be slower to get angry.

Q: What is the best memory you have of our relationship?

A: Summer of ’17. I get annoyed of everyone VERY quickly and I lose interest in people VERY quickly but after spending 10 days getting to know you I wish I could have extended time. I couldn’t get enough of just talking to you. This is when and how I knew you are the one.

Q: If you could drive one car for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: Bentley Continental GT. Can you make sure you add the picture I just sent you ? lol

Q: What can I do for you this week to make your life easier?

A: Cook for me when I come visit you in Spain this week!

Q: Any words to the next generation?

A: This generation is very “non-committal”, within relationships, jobs, etc. Those typical old school values just do not exist anymore. People quit things too soon and devalue things too quickly. Since everything is so accessible they feel they can quit and start something new just as fast. My advice is : hold onto things longer, fix things, be consistent, give more than you take and see things the whole way through. 

Q: What is your favorite non-physical trait about me?

A: You overwhelm me with love and genuinely enjoy taking care of me. I can see how happy it makes you. Sometimes, you baby me too much and I should not get used to that.

Q: How often are we going to go out of date night when we are married?

A: As often as we want! Numbers are for those who struggle. They put limits on things and that’s not freedom to me. We go as much as we want.

Q: What is one bad habit that you need to break but don’t want to?

A: Eating too much chocolate lol

Q: Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest in our future home?

A: Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s a humble person. He’s an activist, he’s a true gentleman and I strongly admire his talent. He is one of the few people in entertainment that actually add value to the world.

Q: What mutual goal would you like for us to accomplish?

A: I want us to have several properties in our favorite cities in this world. We both love traveling and we share a few favorite places. So I decided, we will eventually have several properties in these locations that make ALL of these places feel like home and not just a travel destination.

Q: What’s a new hobby you would like to try?

A: Playing the piano.

Q: Do you know I love you endlessly?

A: Me? I heard it once, yes. * laughs easily*

That wraps up our first interview of cultivated chatter. I’m a bit biased but I think this will be my favorite interview of all time. This one was a bit more personal because I wanted you all to see a bit more of who Worya is, but I want cultivated chatter to be about interviewing elegant minds and classic people that refrain from getting involved in the latest fads in style and in life, but rather remain timeless.

Enjoy the weekend ,



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