My Top October Picks For 2019

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She is here. Everyone’s fav: October. True Libras, rejoice. I was on pinterest, and found 101 quotes like, ” Let’s be thankful we live in a world where there are Octobers”, ” My favorite color is October”, etc. I’m so glad we all feel the same! In October, the weather drops a few C’s and we begin to anticipate the holidays (sounds so cozy).

Here are my Top October Picks: Everything from the month’s highlight color, what we are celebrating and what you should be watching on Netflix.

The Luxury Closet

1. The Beige Wool Fedora


I feel like this hat is the epitome of fall, wdy think? Once October pops up, I look over at my fedoras and think, Yes! Whether its’ wide brim, regular brim, a little floppy… it’s V autumn.

2. Pantone Color : Galaxy Blue

I’m a blue girl, more of a powder blue but a sucker for any great blue. I know what you’re thinking, blue for fall? YES. It’s an accent color. I’m not advising you to buy galaxy blue trousers, (please, keep those classic!) but it’s the perfect color for pick no.3


3. The Silk scarf


I feel like at this point if I buy any more scarves, I’ll have more scarves then shoes ! Its SO classy, versatile, and the easiest way to look expensive.

4. Netflix Binge Watch: The Sinner

I feel like it’s appropriate for this month because its equal parts CREEPY as it is addicting. I’ll convince you to watch it, ready? Jessica Biel is in it. You’re welcome. She is one of the greatest yet undermined actress’ of our time people! She rocks it in this. There is just 2 seasons, so its perfect for a cozy weekend at home, accompanied by your fav people and pumpkin kettle corn ( relax on the fall snacks, basics )

5. The Nude Heel


You can’t get this one wrong. It’s single handedly the most classic shoe (after the black pump) It’s essential for you to own a pair of pointed nude heels, thank me later. It’s not about shopping a lot, it’s about shopping for quality essentials that do not go out of style. You can wear it during all 4 seasons and every designer has their own version of it. Iconic.

6. Style Icon of the Month: Olivia Palermo

My girl, Liv. I’m sure you all remember her from The City. Well, after everyone else became irrelevant, she took the fashion world by storm. She recently designed the classic Karl white dress shirt ( with a twist) as a tribute to him during PFW. She lives in NYC with her German husband and if they are not globe trotting they are taking their pup on a stroll through Central Park. He posts a picture of her every Sunday with the caption, ” Sundays” (& he’s done it for like 6 years straight, tear*) Her NYC lifestyle makes me think of fall, boots, crisp- classic wardrobe, which is just perfect for this month.

The Luxury Closet

7. Celebrating: Another year wiser!

Every month we have to find something to celebrate and be grateful for! This month I’ll be turning another year older (26), yikes! My fiancé takes me on a birthday trip every year, because he’s just the most romantic. These trips are my fav out of the entire year because we take time to reflect on the year and charge forward (whilst putting all efforts to continue looking young, feeling great and win at life together.) This year we’ll be in Sevilla (big deal for me, it’s been a dream of mine to visit! It’s the most authentic Spanish experience over there! ( I will post an extensive blog about it!)
Eleonora Bonucci

8. Outerwear: The Inspector Trench

da da da da da, inspector gadget! The ever so CHIC, early fall meets Spring trench is my coat for this month. It’s classy enough to wear with heels and thin yet warm enough to wear day and night. So many varieties of this coat but like I always say, remain classic (go for the beige with tortoise buttons, midi length)

9. October’s Sangria

The thing about sangria is that it’s made to share, you only drink it when you are hosting family or friends. Its become my signature drink. Every family function, we show up with our sangria kit, ready to rock.


10. Mantra of the month:

Mantras work when you repeat them, therefore, it’s more affective to have a money mantra. You start seeing proof of your affirmations when you become addicted to saying them.

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