5 Classy Halloween Costumes

The Luxury Closet


Here we are again, number 10!

October is the crispiest, coziest, most splendid month. Its like” Ooo, holidays are approaching”, so they are far enough that you’re excited but not close enough that you’re stressed out.

Any who! In the USA, halloween just means dressing up! It doesn’t have to be scary, gory, disgusting or “purgy”. In Europe, Halloween is ONLY gory and gross. They have Carnaval in the Spring for lame costumes and cheesy headbands.

Well, whether you are dressing up for Halloween in the USA, attending a costume- themed birthday party or swanky Carnaval evening in Europe, it doesn’t mean you have to throw your dignity out the window (like most do, TBH!) You can still be Elegant (yourself) and change your name for the day! ( a big plus: These are all work-appropriate outfits!)

  • To all of these you can add a “LED Purge Mask” for the ultimate SCARE.

1. Jackie Kennedy and JFK

All you need to be the iconic Jackie K (later Jackie O) is a tweed ensemble, a pillbox hat, and a pair of white gloves. Then tell your JFK to get dapper in his most democratic suit.


2. Bonnie & Clyde

This is probably my favorite look! Guess why…. yup, silk scarf.

To be your best Bonnie just wear a beige beret, silk scarf, a knit short sleeve  and a tight pencil skirt! Tell your Clyde to hop in his best pin stripe suit and add a brown fedora.

3. Audrey Hepburn

Her highness. The easiest yet most elegant look. a LBD, long black gloves, a black heel, pearls GALORE and the most graceful updo.


The Luxury Closet

4. Anna Wintour

The most iconic face in fashion. Miss Vogue, herself. Firstly, you need a wig. There is no way to achieve this look without one. Slap on a fitted skirt suit or tweed dress and top it off with a statement necklace and black oval sunnies.



5. Blair Waldorf Or Serena Van der Woodsen

This dynamic duo. Honestly, name a better IT girl combo, I’ll wait. The pair always keep class at the forefront of their fashion choices. Grab your blondie, or brownie and easily achieve the school girl from the upper east side.

xoxo, Gossip girl

Or just Blair ❤️… (Don’t forget the headband!)

The classic Blair:

A white dress shirt, navy skirt and a pair of loafers.


The Elegant Blair:

A classy headband, a peacoat and your best statement handbag and pumps.


Show me your looks and I’ll add them to this blog post!

Happy October ! Happy Halloween! OR Happy Carnaval!


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