How To Find Heels That Won’t Hurt!

Eleonora Bonucci

It’s a love-hate relationship with heels, isn’t it?! We want our legs to look long, lean and spicy but then 1 hour later we are walking like penguins to the car to get a change of shoes. Ladies! It doesn’t have to be that way. There really is nothing more classy and tasteful than a lady who wears heels with ease and grace (Like my mother who appears to walk on clouds with 6inch stilettos)

I’m going to breakdown 3 things you need to know to find the perfect heel for you.

1. Not all feet are created equal.

I’m not sure if you knew this or not but (to keep it simple) not everyone’s foot anatomy is even nearly similar. Just like the rest of our body, our genetics, activities, our weight, our biomecanics and shoe selection has a lot to do with the appearance of our feet.

Now let’s learn some stuff, this is actually general knowledge and will make you look impressive at a cocktail party! Let’s say someone says, Wow I love your shoes! You respond with thanks! One of the most comfortable shoes I could find for my “Egyptian feet”, then the other person will say something along the lines of, ” What do you mean?!” BOOM. You’re welcome. You are now cultured. I’ve created this infographic below to help you identify your type!

2.  Measuring

Grab a chair, grab a ruler and let’s measure. Your IDEAL heel length is actually the length from the ball of your foot to the heel. (MEASURE FROM BELOW, NOT THE SIDE) When you foot is flexed to fit the shape of the heel, that fascia should be ” stretched” to that length. Anything more will cause pain ( and tears) to the bases of the metatarsals and then you will want to change into your ugly sneakers, which should only be worn on errand day OR the gym. Stop making sneakers a daily thing girls!!! (There are much cuter flats that are even more comfy, but I’ll leave that for another post!) My ideal heel size is 4.5 inches, I can easily go up to 5 inches and not feel a drastic change.

3. Foot Pads FTW!

You know how cyclist have seat pads so their gluteus won’t cry after along ride. Same thing. If know you will have constant pressure on this area, protect it. Sometimes it’s not even the discomfort of the heel but the friction it causes, later forming a blister… then not even the comfiest shoes are wearable because your blister burns. Oh, I’ve been there! Well I’m here to tell you, what a sock is to a sneaker, a foot pad is to high-heels. These are much more advertised here in Europe, as footwear is VERY important in Spain since most world renowned shoe designers are Spanish. It’s a cushion for your feet! There are things out there, girls! This problem has been solved years ago, you just didn’t look for a solution and opted for keds, ew. Foot pads can be found in any large supermarket or even on amazon for 7 USD! Super affordable!

4. Opt for a thicker heel!

It’s as simple as that! You want the height, the long legs, the slimming magic that heels cause but you don’t have the balance yet? Go for a thicker heel which just increases your center of gravity, making you feel more secure as you walk! These are my fav! Click the image below for more info on where to get each of these!

Eleonora Bonucci

Ladies, with all of this being said… Do not wear heels daily for more than 2 hours! If you start that in your twenties then by the age of 50 you’ll have a gorgeous hallux valgus (look it up) that will require surgery and is NOT cheap ( My mother can confirm this) Keep it cute, wear them for events or a romantic date night, but nevertheless WEAR THEM!  If I could just help one woman on her journey to wearing heels again, then I’ve done my job. Your men will thank me. Any man that says he prefers you in sneakers is a liar, end of story.

Like everything in life, start small and work your way up (literally). You can’t go from being a sneaker girl to wearing 6 inch stilettos for 5 hours overnight. This will harm your posterior musculature and then you’ll suffer PTSD from the heels, again! Be smart, know your body.

I’d love to hear how you’ve begun to wear heels again! DM me or comment down below!



  1. You shared very good tips here. I used to love heels (before the kids), but now I find them nuisance and uncomfortable. With your tips, hopefully i will be able good and comfortable heels then 😉


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