CC 2: Tatiana Bellator


My goal for Cultivated Chatter is to highlight the humans who have taken a step forward, against trends, to remain classic in a world so saturated with the fads, fast fashion and instant gratification.

Our second guest is the oh-so- chic, Tatiana Bellator. Just by a look a 2D look, she is timeless and genuine. Bellator is London’s blonde Blair Waldorf, but sweeter.

1. Tell us a little bit of background about yourself:

My name is Tatiana, and from a young age I have been creatively driven, head over heels for fashion and had a love for really embracing new places and cultures. Throughout my life, I’ve lived in different countries including the United States, Ecuador, France and the UK; I hope to be able to explore further in years in come. What I love most is working with colours and prints, both in my style and my surroundings! It just makes life so much more cheerful, you know? I would describe myself as extremely detail oriented and a crazy perfectionist which sometimes drives me mad! Haha.. I am one to always have a new project in mind and make the most out of every day!

2. What is one thing you would love to be remembered by?


I wish to be remembered as someone who was always true to herself and her style. Always classic and well-presented regardless of any judgements or trends.



3. Whats your signature fragrance?


I couldn’t possible pick just one! I have, however, come across a gem recently! Being Penhaligon’s Vaara. I simply adore its floral, fresh and natural aura, truly unlike any other fragrance I’ve tried. 


4. What does elegance mean to you?

Elegance to me really starts with class. Dress to impress but don’t overdress. Class goes beyond money and should not be defined by material aspects or trends. It is something that purely comes from within. I find that an elegant lady has a great deal of self-respect and goes about her life on her own terms, whilst certainly carrying herself with grace and poise; but most importantly, does not think of herself as superior to others in any way. 


5. How do you remain classic in a world full of trends?

I stay true to my style and dress the way that I love and feels right to me. Ever since I was about 12, my style, as I know it today, started to evolve more and more. I was always one to dress in pearls, loafers, dresses and blazers. Of course I would get stares and questions on my particular choice of attire, for my young age and circumstances, as it deferred so much from everyone else’s. Still, my style truly reorients me and makes me feel so much happier and confident when facing the world. It would seem irrational to ever let ever emerging trends take that away from me. I find that this has been consistent throughout my life, and I am surely one to never stick to the status quo. 


6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully  starting my own company!

7. How do you like the UK, could you see yourself living elsewhere?

I absolutely love the UK and all it has to offer. I’ve had the privileged of living in many parts of the world, and really do feel fortunate to call London my home! If I had to choose to live elsewhere, I could go for Paris! I can’t think of another better fit than that !


8. What is a gentleman, in your eyes?

A true gentleman is hard to find these days. I, myself , do not like to think that chivalry is dead, but has evolved along with time. First of all, a gentleman must unquestionably show manners and respect overall. He knows the difference between confidence and arrogance, and is never rude or impolite to anyone. He pays close attention to his appearance and knows the importance of presenting himself well, as well as keeping timeless pieces in his wardrobe. 

Magee 1866


9. What are your top 3 favorite stores/ boutiques/ websites?

This is a really hard one as there’s so many fashion brands I love! 

My favourite high street brand has got to be Zara for sure. I just cannot help but pop in whenever the newest collection is out!

For smarter occasions, I adore Ted Baker and Ralph Lauren. I believe they fully embody the idea of modern day, yet timeless elegance and femininity!

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10. Tell us a little about your social circle.

My social circle has changed so much over time. Earlier in my life I was a bit more reserved and kept to myself and my work. Recently I’ve had the privilege of meeting and interacting with people working in my same industry, which has really expanded my social circle. One of the things I love most about social media is being able to connect with so many people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It is pretty phenomenal if you ask me!


11. Whats the next step for you?

The next step for me would be, without a doubt, to continue working on my lifestyle blog along with creating some newer, exciting and different content. Stay tuned !


12. All time favorite quote!


“Dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”


In life, I am all about just going for it, regardless of what anybody thinks and looking at the positive in every situation 🤗 And that’s perhaps the best advice I could give you too !


13. DO you consider yourself a traditional person, if so, how do you manage within a society that rebukes tradition. 


Well, that would definitely have to take into account one’s definition of traditional. 


I’ve sometimes felt a “traditional woman” is often considered to be submissive and taciturn in a way, which I completely disagree with. 

I don’t necessary consider myself to be traditional, but I certainly do appreciate and take bit of tradition into my daily life. I love to follow those long standing etiquette rules and ways of the past. 

Within a society that rebukes tradition, of course I seem old fashioned and even too stuffy sometimes, but I believe that such ways of living come from a time when life was far simpler and individuals actually valued respect and good manners. I don’t reckon this is something we should let go of in society, even with all the advances. 


14. What wakes you up in the morning?


The Sun ! Even the finest night’s sleep is nothing compared to the moment of awakening. I always keep my bedroom window shades half-open, so I when the sun is up, so am I. I rarely set and alarm and I suppose I have some form of “internal clock” that doesn’t allow me to sleep past 7 am. 

15. Coffee or tea? How do you take each?


I am 100% a tea person. I am particularly fond of camomile tea in the morning with a splash of almond milk. 


Whenever I do go for coffee, a nice cappuccino for sure!


16. What would you like your followers to get out of following you?


I would want my followers to, first off, really embrace classic style and femininity, along with finding new and perhaps more creative approaches to daily life. I created this profile to really share my love for style, cuisine, travel and design and to meet other fantastic creators out there!

I’m looking forward to visiting London one day and having lunch with this gem. Follow her on IG for more posh outfits and cute party decor!


Magee 1866

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