My Top November Picks

The Luxury Closet - Neverfull November - Unfold 22 days of luxury

Cozy…Is how I describe November. The Holidays are HERE. We are prepping, planning and decorating around the house. I eat pumpkin something every week, Mariah Carey’s ” All I want for Xmas is you” is on repeat and I’m currently typing with a turtleneck on. Hola November, you’re cute! Here are my top picks!!!

1. Tweed Fever

Coco Chanel vibes are eternal with a Tweed touch. She  MADE this look what it is and once you put on your tweed coat you emulate a classy well put lady. Let’s do more of that, girls.

Magee 1866

2. Baker Boy Hats

One of my favs, the baker boy is an essential to fall/winter. It’s chic and perfect to elevate any look.

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset

3. Biking Red

Vibrant, elegant yet bold… This very well may be burgundy’s (hotter) twin.


4. Ties for the guys

She-E-O fashion is here to stay guys. This style has been around for tens of years but it has made a comeback. It’s very Ralph Lauren goes Executive and I’m all about it. Blake has made this her look lately.

5. Black Pump

If you are a lady and don’t have a pair of the classic black pumps then I’m not sure if we can be friends. Ladies, these are eternal! Invest in a pair, use them forever.

6. Thanksgiving Sangria

You all know I’m a sangria girl. White, red, pink… count me in. If I’ve ever hosted you, I will make you a pitcher. Yes, even in Winter. This Thanksgiving recipe will give you life!

7. Netflix Binge Watch Weekend: The Politician

After my exams I treat myself to falling asleep to Netflix . My brain just needs noise that I won’t be tested on. This show is PERFECTION. If you loved GLEE and 13 Reasons Why, then you will obsess over this. Just 8 episodes of pure art.


8. Style Icon of the Month: V. Beckham

Oh, Posh. Every time I see a photo of VB I go down a rabbit hole of images which make me sigh in awe of her designer label. She has always been a chic lady but with age she just gets better! ( The couple in general, lol)

9. Celebrating: The Christmas Markets

Born on an island and raised in a state where sunshine is the only option, I always dreamed of the cosy Christmas feeling. Last year we started a November tradition of visiting the Christmas Markets! The best are in Germany but below is a list of some of the most popular ones! If you know more about which we should visit, leave a comment below!

Shop for Holiday Gifts and Attire

10. Mantra of the month


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